Talent - Media - Start-up


During my time in executive search I have recruited senior individuals across multiple functions into corporates, investment banks, insurance companies, asset managers and even a premier league football club. In the past few years I have focused on work with technology and fast growing digital companies. Whilst many projects have been in Europe, I was involved in international searches in Bermuda, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Executive search experience includes everything from niche boutique through to global tier 1 executive search firm, but also some recruitment experience from having been in-house with an international asset manager. 

As the founder of www.careerabroad.eu I have advised numerous individuals who were about to make big personal decisions in their professional life. We have created opportunities, defined goals, written CVs and guided through tough negotiations. 

I have advised start-ups as part of the Canary Wharf's Cognicity Challenge, but also work with selected start-ups on an ongoing basis. Topics we collaborate on range from bonus and equity structuring, through to team structuring and research & introduction of specialist advisers and relevant industry contacts. 

Prior to executive search I have worked as a journalist and a presenter for a variety of newspapers, radio stations and television programs in Germany. Amongst others I coordinated radio coverage of the Football World Cup for the largest German radio network, the ARD. 
I'm also the ghost writer for the annual reports of a global listed company in Germany. 

I'm fluent in German, English and French, and speak some Russian and I hold a Diplom Degree in Sports, Media and Communications from DSHS Cologne in Germany.

Ulrich Seega